Fast Approaching our 100th Order

We have been in business a few years now, and in that time frame have switched many shop platforms and so forth to find something that works for us, we are happy to say we have and we are fast approaching our 100th order! A fantastic feat for us!

So what we wish to offer is, when the 100th order is placed we will refund half of the order price back to that lucky customer! How awesome is that?

Fingers crossed its you!

Terms and Conditions Apply See below

* Refund value is up to the amount of $50

New Products

We have new products in and they are SO cute.

Hairbands with gorgeous motifs on them, fairy wings and then some ready made crochet beanies with flower motifs! Simply Devine.

Affordable aswell so do check out the website for more information.

We do have more Amber Teething Necklaces coming soon aswell they are due in a few weeks so keep your eyes out for them they are devine and $25 each.

Next Competition

Ok so i confess i think it is just adorable when a child gets all lovey over a favourite toy, my son absolutely LOVES "pillar" his bedtime security toy and while pillar is rather ummm interesting to say the least it got me pondering, what is your childs fav toy? Do they have a security item?

If you have an adorable picture of them with their prize possession please email it to us and in a few days we will load them on the fanpage and the person with the most votes can win a Tagged Ball and Blanket designed by themselves.

Heres a peek at my son with his beloved Pillar

New Skirts

So after some fluffing around i decided to puff up the Fairy Nice Skirts and we now have the Deluxe Classic Fairy Nice Skirt, im busy in the process at present of making them up for the store and they are $30 each, these are LOVED by little fairy princesses!

Bandana Bib Winner

11:37 PM by Exquisite Baby 0 comments
Congrats to Ricker who won the bandana bib we were giving away on the other blog.

We have reverted back to this its more reliable and easier to use :)

Fairy Nice Skirts

After searching the internet for a basic but pretty Fairy Skirt for my daughter, all I could find was a Tutu, which she didn't want, or a full fairy costume which I knew she wouldn't like.

I found a supplier for the Organza and the Fairy Nice Skirt was born!

Deluxe Fairy Nice Skirt has 5 Different Colours with 4 Different Ribbons in the Skirt, These retail for $35

Basic Fairy Nice Skirt has 5 Different Colours but does not have the extra ribbons, only the one used to tie the skirt to the childs waist, These retail for $25

These are absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight as they shimmer from the sun.

Deluxe Fairy Nice Skirt

Basic Fairy Nice Skirt

Kiwiana and Bandana Bibs

7:35 PM by Exquisite Baby 1 comments
So after fishing through my tubs of fabric I discovered some Kiwiana style fabrics.
Exquisite Baby's Bandana Bibs are LOVED so we have introduced the Kiwiana Range :)

Available through the store now :) We will be adding more as i find more fabrics, trust me im not in short supply.