Fairy Nice Skirts

Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:43 PM by Exquisite Baby
After searching the internet for a basic but pretty Fairy Skirt for my daughter, all I could find was a Tutu, which she didn't want, or a full fairy costume which I knew she wouldn't like.

I found a supplier for the Organza and the Fairy Nice Skirt was born!

Deluxe Fairy Nice Skirt has 5 Different Colours with 4 Different Ribbons in the Skirt, These retail for $35

Basic Fairy Nice Skirt has 5 Different Colours but does not have the extra ribbons, only the one used to tie the skirt to the childs waist, These retail for $25

These are absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight as they shimmer from the sun.

Deluxe Fairy Nice Skirt

Basic Fairy Nice Skirt

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